Make VS Buy – Little Rug


We have a tile floor and no heat in our tiny bathroom. I think you can guess where I’m going with that. That floor gets COLD in the fall and winter months! Generally, cold feet are not something that I mind. In fact, I prefer them. But not while I’m peeing, or brushing or my teeth or during anything else that you spend time doing in the bathroom. I was getting sick of always leaving our bathmat down to step on and I kept thinking that I should buy one of those little mats that fits around the base of the toilet but then I thought DUH! Just make a little rug! I’ve been wanting to crochet a rug for years, so why not?!

Picking A Pattern and Yarn

I spent hours looking at patterns on Ravelry,which is nothing new. There are so many great free (and pay!) patterns on that site! I originally picked a pretty standard, oval shaped rug. Kind of like a simple kitchen rug. The next day I picked up some yarn at work. Since this was something that we are going to be standing on and just in general having our feet on, I wanted to go with something that is easily washable. I’m already a huge fan of cotton yarn so I decided to stick with that and bought some Lily Sugar n’ Cream in white, robin’s egg and country yellow.

This next thing I decided, in hindsight, was pretty stupid. I decided to crochet with three strands of non-mercerized cotton together. This was MURDER on my hands and I got my first ever crochet-related sort of injury? My right hand got swollen and I didn’t crochet anything for a week or two. Which, this time of year, was really hard for me! I love crocheting and I’m usually really good about taking breaks and stretching my hands, but then again I’m also not usually using that much thickness.

So the oval rug pattern was going pretty awfully at about row 3 so I pulled out all my stitches. I decided on a simple granny square variation called a granny stripe and got started. I pushed too much at first and that’s when my hand revolted. After that I only worked on one color row at a time, with at least a couple days in between. It really kind of freaked me out and now I’m always checking my hand and squeezing it, comparing it to my left hand. Lordy.

C’est Fini!

I finished it yesterday evening and I’m so excited! Here it is:

Finished rug about 24in x 17in

It measures about 24 x 17 and it feels so nice under your feet. Every time Adam has gone into the bathroom since I put it in there he’ll say “Ohhh, so cushy!” It feels so nice to have things in our home that are handmade. It also feels nice to know that I can do that! Make something when I need it! Of course it won’t necessarily get done as fast as just going out and buying it, but it definitely feels much better.